Philodendron Mayoi


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An uncommon and exceptional climbing houseplant, Philodendron mayoi features big leaves with deep lobes, making them look more like a palm frond than your typical heartleaf philodendron. Reddish petioles (leaf stalks) add to the plant’s dimension and beauty. Grown as a floor plant, this specimen will instantly add drama and life to your indoor space. This tropical plant is shipped fresh from our farm, direct to your door.

  • Leaves change as the plant matures -- over time, look for the lobes to get deeper and wider.
  • Beautiful focal point in your décor because of its color and texture.
  • Can climb to 6 feet (or more) in time.
  • Excellent for homes and offices.

Care Guide

Light Level: Indirect Sunlight

This plant needs to live in a room with at least some natural light. Place it in a spot with windows nearby.

Water Level: Thirsty

This plant can only go 1-2 weeks without water so check on it weekly and add water every time the top two inches of soil dry out.

Quick Tips

A moss pole or totem is the perfect way to display your plant as it grows.

Philodendron Mayoi | Large

Plant Bio

Philodendron Mayoi

Philodendron mayoi is native to the tropical rainforests of Brazil where it can be seen both climbing trees and scrambling over the ground. Noted for its deeply lobed leaves and red veins and petioles, it’s a hard-to-find aroid (relative of Pothos, Monstera, Spathiphyllum, and other popular houseplants) brings a touch of the tropics to any well-lit indoor space. Like most other Philodendrons, it appreciates bright light, average household temperatures, and average to above-average relative humidity levels. Water as the top half or so of the potting mix dries to the touch. If you’re in doubt about whether to water, it’s usually better to give it too little water than too much.

Note: Young plants may look similar to other split-leaf Philodendron varieties such as Xanadu or Selloum, but as it grows as a climber instead of being self-heading, like Xanadu or Selloum. You may also see this plant sold as Philodendron Tahiti.

Philodendron Mayoi | Large


Philodendron Mayoi at home

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