About Costa Farms®

Here at Costa Farms® we’re passionate about plants! So much so that we grow more than 1,500 varieties on 5,200 acres. A 60-year-old family-run company, we started on just 30 acres when our founder, Jose Costa Sr. grew tomatoes and calamondin citrus. We started innovating and got into tropicals and houseplants. It didn’t take long before we were introducing unusual new varieties. We’re still at it today: Our Plant Hunter travels the world to find beautiful, easy-care plants for in and around your home.  

We’re dedicated to growing beautiful, healthy plants. To ensure you have the best-possible experience with our houseplants, we acclimate them from Miami conditions to those of the average home before shipping them to you. We grow our outdoor plants outside, so they don’t struggle in your landscape after being raised in a greenhouse.

We take pride in releasing new plant varieties and collections so you can pick the right plants for your home, office, or other space. For example, Trending Tropicals® allows you to get rare, unique houseplants from around the world. And Exotic Angel® Plants provides you the opportunity to collect a wide variety of small houseplants, many of which are uncommon and sought after by collectors.

If you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you.  For the most efficient service please visit our Consumer Support site.  You may also email us at concierge@costafarms.com or call us at 1-866-460-4466. Thank you again for shopping with us!